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FRVTC Announces Master Certified RV Techs

April 25, 2015 by RVBusiness

Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center (FRVTC) announced that three people have earned the Master Certified RV Refrigeration Specialist designation from the school in Benton, Ky.


Sid Shelburne from Tennessee, a 2007 graduate of the school, Robert Shelton, a Georgia graduate from 2008 and Kevin Olson, a North Dakota RV technician who graduated in 2009, all reached the new certification level, according to a press release from the school.


All three gained it by graduating and maintaining “an excellent standing as an RVRN (RV Referral Network) member for a minimum of five years,” according to the school.


To maintain the standing, members have to practice the FRVTC mission: Educate others about RV refrigeration, save the RV owner money, provide the best warranty and reduce carbon footprints.


All three graduated with an “A” when tested at FRVTC and have successfully helped thousands of RV owners save money, FRVTC’s announcement said.


FRVTC graduates can also earn the master certification by attending an advanced hands-on training session, according to the school.

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Sid Shelburne

                        Sid Shelburne

Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson

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